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EVO Transporter Lite 1600 All Terrain ElectricScooter

EVO Transporter Lite 1600 All Terrain ElectricScooter

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EVO Transporter Lite 1600w Electric Off Road Scooter



· Striking Black with Gold Components

· Stylish Skateboard style Timber Deck

· Adjustable Seat

· Foldable

· Compact


Product Description

Motor:                          1600w Brushless

Battery:                       48v 12amp Lead Acid

Deck:                            Timber

Frame:                          High Tensile Steel

Transmission:            Chain Drive

Wheels:                       10” Pneumatic Off Road

Brakes:                         Disc Front and Rear

Suspension:               Spring Front and Rear

Lights:                           LED

Max Speed:                40-45kph

Range per Charge:  20-25k

Load Rating:              120kg

Seat Height:               760mm

Wheel Base:               1000mm

Ground Clearance:  125mm

Weight:                         48kg

Length:                         1270mm


Ideal for: Camping, Motorhome Transport, Off Road Adventures, Day to Day Commute.


Feel free to call us on 0408646595 for more information


Delivery is included in the Purchase Price* Refer our Delivery Information Page.

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  • Electric Vehicle Warranties

    Please Read Carefully!

    • the delivery of your Electric Scooter and most of our other vehicles, where an Owners/Operations Manual is included, this Manual will form part of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

    Key Points to look for:

    · Charging instructions 

    · Riding Instructions

    · Safety Instructions 

    Normal Manufacturer’s Warranty:

    · A standard 12 month manufacturer’s warranty applies to our Electric Vehicles.

    · A standard 6 month manufacturer’s warranty on the Batteries within the Vehicle.

    Issues that will affect the warranty:

    · Unless otherwise stated, most of our Electric Vehicles are Not intended for Extreme or On Road Use.

    • Unless otherwise stated, do not ride your Electric Vehicle in Wet or Icy Conditions (including Beach or Creeks etc)

    The warranty will become void where there has been any;

    · Misuse of the vehicle; this may include but not limited to jumping up or down curbs, riding on stairs, dropping or crashing the scooter whether intentional or unintentional or riding through water.

    · Modifications to the vehicle without consent of the Manufacturer or the Distributor. This may include: Painting, Fabrication Modifications, Modification of the standard configuration/specifications of the vehicle; this may include, replacement or addition of electrical components; performance devices, batteries, controllers, motors or any tampering with any of the Vehicles Electrics.

    • the Vehicles are delivered fully assembled, we would suggest that at sometime after your initial riding experience, with the tool kit supplied, that you check and tighten all nuts and bolts where possible. assembly is being undertaken by Purchaser; the following instructions, where appropriate, should be of assistance and help to avoid any damage, this process may take about an hour, please take your time and follow instructions.
    • do not include; brake pads, tyres, cables, etc.

    Note 1: If you feel that there may be an issue with your vehicle purchase, contact us immediately, time is of the essence.

    Note 2: Like all vehicles the owner/rider/driver of the vehicle is responsible for the day to day/general maintenance of the vehicle.

    Note 3: The Distributor is not responsible for the conduct of the rider/driver. In other words if you break it, it becomes your responsibility to have it fixed.

    Note 4: We strongly recommend the wearing of appropriate safety gear, a Helmet and any other safety gear such as Knee and Elbow protection.

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