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About Electric Vehicles Oz

Electric Vehicle Oz is a family owned business with 6 years of importing and selling Quality and Affordable; Electric Off Road Scooters, Dirt Bikes and Electric Mountain Bikes. 
Our vision is also to enhance your riding experience. We are progressively introducing; Safety Gear, including Helmets and Gloves, Security Gear, Action Cameras and Drones and a bigger range of Spare Parts for the ever growing range of scooters being introduced to the market.

For more information, contact us on; 0408 646 595

What we stand for:

  • Action against Bullying and Harassment in all forms.

  • Action against Violence towards Women and Children.

  • Action against Discrimination in all forms, Race, Religion, Sexuality and Gender Identity.

  • Action on Climate Change.

  • Equality in all forms.

  • Integrity and Accountability in Government and Business.

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Owner Insight

We are are very mindful of the mental health issues plaguing this country and from time to time try to help

This Video - Ozzie Road Trip a Channel 10 
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