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Portable Air Pump Electric Tyre Inflator

Portable Air Pump Electric Tyre Inflator

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Portable Air Pump Electric Tyre Inflator, Wireless USB Rechargeable Mini Cordless Inflatable Compressor


Easy to carry, Light Weight and Portable


Product Description:


Product name:                     Portable Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

Model Number:                   LP-M07

Display:                                   High-Definition LED colour display

Material:                                 ABS material

Air efficiency                        2 minutes to charge 1.95 mountain tires, 13 minutes to inflate from 0-2.5bar

Battery capacity:                2000mAh*2 7.4V

Emergency lighting:         80 bright current for 10 hours

Vehicle power input          12V/3A

Input voltage                       charger 5V/2A

Working current                 2-5A

Maximum current              ≤5A

No-load current                  ≤2A

Working temperature      -20℃70℃

Charging method              TYPE-C 5V/2A

Charging time                     about 3.5 hours

Product size                         13*7*13 cm

Certificate:                            CE.FCC.ROHS

Warranty:                              12 Months Manufacturers Warranty


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