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Are you Considering Buying a Second Hand or Used Electric Scooter?

Things to consider when buying a Used or Second Hand Electric Scooter

Remember: Buyer beware...

  • Do you know the Owner?

  • Does the Owner have proof of Purchase?

  • How old is the Electric Scooter?

  • Will the Owner allow extended test riding?

  • Does the Owner offer any Warranty?

Things to consider:

  • Have you compared the asking price for a Used Scooter with that of a comparable new Electric Scooter?

  • Has it been through water?

There is generally a Water label on each Lithium Battery that turns Red if any water has come in contact with battery

  • Has the Scooter been stolen?

Potential issues with buying a Used or Second Hand Electric Scooter;

  • Faulty Battery

Most Electric Scooters currently are powered by Lithium Batteries and it can be hard to spot a faulty one. While your test ride may be fine, after you have paid the money and taken it home, you may only get 20 minutes ride time before the battery is flat. A new lithium battery can set you back a few hundred dollars depending on Voltage, Amperage, etc.

  • Tyres

Is there good tread on the tyres?

If not, you need to consider the cost for replacement. Replacing tyres on a scooter with Hub Motors for example can be a time consuming and potentially expensive exercise.

  • Brakes

Ensure that they are fully operational

If you are unsure about your purchase plans, feel free to give us a call.

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